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Recent technologic advancements have offered us various attractive perks and conveniences. Email is one of the most attractive services internet has to offer the users. There are billions of users all over the world who are sending and receiving emails on daily basis. Whether it is a single person or an organization, everyone uses emails. We have seen various email service provider companies throughout the years. Most of theseproviders just came and vanished into the thin air. It is very difficult to survive in the harsh and competitive market of email services. But still, we have different reliable names that have been offering their email services for many years.

Yahoo is such a popular name that falls among the earliest companies that started offering the services. Yahoo is a web portal that features various services including emails. Web search engine, news, advertisement, entertainment, Yahoo Answer, groups and business are among the most popular services of the company. Throughout the years, Yahoo has always managed to amaze its users by offering some unique features. There are more than 400 million users that stay connected with their friends, family and associates through Yahoo emails. Yahoo has a large number of organizations that uses its services because it is capable enough to handle the entire load without failing.

Key Features of Yahoo:

Yahoo has such a huge following, mainly because of the unique features and reliable services it is offering. Some of the key features offered by Yahoo are as mentioned herein.

  • It is offering its services in two variants, free and premium. For personal use, you can enjoy the services completely free whereas premium services are advised for corporate purposes.
  • Yahoo customer supportis available to help the users with their problems
  • Free users can enjoy online storage of 1 GB. For premium users, it depends on the package they have selected
  • It supports email access through Yahoo web, POP and IMAP
  • All third party email clients are supported by Yahoo
  • Users can attach multiple files to a single email but the maximum attachment size can be 25 MB
  • Spam filter sends all the unwanted and spam emails directly to junk folder so that the users may not be bothered by the spam.

Users can also select and unselect emails to be considered as spam

  • A strong anti-virus scan is conducted whenever a user is attaching a file or received one
  • Strong encryption is implemented to keep the users secure

Technical Problems with Yahoo Services:

Yahoo is a highly popular name of the industry that is known for offering reliable services. But still, there are times when its users have to face problems with its services. The most common problems experienced by Yahoo users are as given below:

  • Forgot Yahoo password
  • Problem in reaching to Yahoo customer service
  • Cannot access emails through Yahoo web address
  • Temporary errors to access emails
  • Mail server not responding to access requests
  • Third party client unable to send and receive emails
  • The clients crash at the times of synchronizing
  • Yahoo account is hacked or compromised
  • Contact and emails get missing
  • Receiving spam emails in inbox

Getting Official Yahoo Technical Support:

Yahoo is a reliable name that is offering reliable services to its users. It understands the importance of tech support for the users. That is why it is offering its help to the users through various means. Yahoo features a help center as well as FAQ section. Most of the problems can easily be solved through having a careful look at the sections. You may find an appropriate solution to your problem here.

But if you are still unable to get a solution, you can contact Yahoo customer care through:

  • Their official email address
  • A phone call (toll free number is provided by Yahoo)
  • Live chat

Require Urgent and Reliable Solution:

Anyone looking for a reliable solution to their Yahoo email problems can contact us anytime of the day irrespective of the country. We have a group of dedicated and experienced engineers who deal with all the problems Yahoo users have to face. Yahoo’s customer support team can take up to 24 hours to let you know the initial report of your problem.It can take even longer to solve the problem. So if you cannot wait that long, we are here to help on instant basis. Our support team will instantly respond to your query and will promptly provide you a reliable and permanent solution.

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