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These days, everybody is well familiar with email. It is not a strange thing anymore. We use emails regularly for our personal communication as well as for professional reasons. But it was not the same in the beginning. The use of emails was very rare but since the internet revolutionized our lives, we got more used to it. These days, there are thousands of emails that are generated each day for professional purposes as well as for personal communication. There are many companies available these days that are offering their services to the users worldwide.

Selecting just any company that first comes in front of you is not suitable. You can to make sure that you are selecting the most appropriate one. The selection is usually based on the features and services being offered by the company. Outlook is a reliable name in the email market that has been offering its services for many years. It is one of the earliest email service providers. It is still enjoying its fame and has millions of users from various parts of the world. Outlook was first introduced by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia in 1996 by the name of Hotmail. It was acquired by Microsoft in 1994 and currently known as Outlook.

Outlook Features:

Outlook has always presented some of the most impressive features to its users. Currently, Outlook is offering following features to its users:

  • Effective Outlook customer support for the users to get solutions to the problems they are experiencing with the services
  • It offers 5 GBs of online storage space that enables users to keep their required emails without worrying about the available space
  • Users can access their account through Outlook web, Mail app and third party email client of their choice
  • Importing and exporting of user contacts is also available for the convenience of the users
  • Outlook features a folder-based email organization, which enable the users to manage their emails more freely and conveniently
  • It is featuring a strong anti-virus scanning for each attachment with the emails to ensure the security and safety of its users
  • Various apps and add-on are integrated with Outlook services including Skype, Office Online and other third party add-ons which add more usability for the users
  • Advanced spam filter of Outlook makes sure that all the unwanted emailsgo to the junk folder directly, without bothering the users
  • Users can enjoy contact grouping that enhances their emailing experience

Technical Problems with Outlook Services:

Outlook is offering reliable services to the users but still there are some technical difficulties that cause interruptions in accessing the Outlook services. The problems include:

  • Unable to access Outlook account
  • Non-responding Outlook Web server
  • Mail server not responding at all or extremely slow response
  • Cannot login to Outlook account because of unknown reasons
  • Password is not working or forgot outlook password
  • Unable to get in contact with Outlook Customer Service
  • Sending or receiving emails takes too much time or not working at all
  • The account cannot be logged in from other devices
  • Problem with attaching files to the email
  • Cannot downloading attached files
  • Email app is not loading properly
  • Problems with third party client configurations
  • Outlook account is suspended, compromised or hacked

Contacting Official Outlook Support:

Outlook has always taken very good care of its users which is why it is offering various means to contact its customer care department. But if you are having any problem with Outlook services, first of all you should have a look at the official community featured by Outlook. Users can find numerous solutions to various problems provided by experts. You can post your own problem if it is not shared already. In case you are unable to get the required solution from the community; you can contact Outlook customer support either through email or outlook technical support number.

Reliable and Prompt Help:

Official means can cause you to wait for 24 to 48 hours which may not be an option for you. If you are looking for an instant solution to your problem, you can contact us immediately. We have a dedicated team comprising of experienced engineers. Our team members can get you the required solution promptly. We have a key focus on customer satisfaction so you can rest assured that we are offering reliable and permanent solutions. Our team of experts troubleshoots the errors through remote access to ensure the right solution for the problem.

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