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In today’s world of internet, each one of us has to use different accounts of different websites. It includes email accounts, social networks, online banking, forums, online shopping stores and many more. The recent revolution of technology has offered us various conveniences but has also created some difficulties. Remembering so many account IDs and passwords is among these problems that we have to face today. In addition, we have to create strong enough passwords that would be very hard for someone to guess so that we can protect our accounts from hackers.

Gmail is a highly popular name in the email services industry. Gmail services are presented by Google, the search engine industry’s uncrowned king. Gmail is known for offering some of the most attractive features to its users that have made it the most popular email server. It has billions of users across the globe. Such a huge numbers of users and a constant threat of hackers have led Gmail to implement more secure and strict protocols and policies. That has always created problems for the users who have forgotten their passwords. There are not many options available that can help users with their Gmail password recovery.

Precautionary Measures for Gmail Password Recovery:

Gmail understands the password problems of its users so it has placed few options for password recovery.

  • At the time of signup, Gmail asks its users to provide an alternate email address. Do not neglect it. Always provide an active alternate email address that is in your use.
  • Gmail also asks for your phone number when you are signing up for a new account. Do not leave it blank, fill in your mobile number that is in your use and stays active.
  • Always provide the accurate date of birth, not the wrong one. You always remember the actual date but remembering some random date is near to impossible.
  • Select an appropriate secret question and provide accurate or such an answer that you will never forget.

You should never think of the above mentioned things as useless. These actually are the things that can offer you a great help for Gmail password resetting. When you forget your Gmail password, you have to go through a process where it will ask you few things that include one or more of the above mentioned.

How to Recover Gmail Password:

If you have forgotten the password to your account, you do not have to worry but only if you remember the information mentioned above. The recovery process is very simple that provides you instructions and guidelines as well if you are unable to know what to do next.

You will have to go to the login page and after providing your email, select “forgot password” option. It will start the recovery process where it can ask you for any of your previous passwords, alternate email, phone number, secret question etc. All you will have to do is provide the required information. At the successful completion, it will directly take you to the password reset page or may send you a link to the page. Simply provide your new password at the page and save it. You newly provided password will be activated immediately.

Problems with Official Recovery Process:

The official process is very limited in nature as you can only recover your password if you have provided and rememberthe information it requires. If you have not provided the information or have forgotten it, you will never be able to get your account back. Moreover, if your account is hacked and the hacker has changed the information, it will be even harder to get it back.

Get your Password Recovered Instantly:

If Gmail fails to get you your password, you can rely on us. We have a team of experienced professionals who are dealing with Gmail forgot password issues. They have successfully recovered numbers of Gmail passwords promptly. There are some other but unofficial methods that can help in the password recoveries.But these involve higher level of expertise and risks. Our experts’ are well aware of the methods and have applied the same many times. Recovery of any Gmail account password is like a child’s play for them. So if you need your account back instantly, you can get our support through our phone number, live chat or email 24x7.

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