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Emailing has become one of the regular tasks for us. Each one of us has to deal with various emails on daily basis. We daily receive emails from different sources including our family members, friends and associates. Emails are not limited to personal use only. All sorts of businesses, whether large or small, are using emails for various purposes. They utilize emails to share information inside and outside the organization. They also use emails to communicate with their customersby sending updates, latest products’ information, upcoming events and much more. There are huge numbers of companies that are even providing customer support through the emails.

Selection of the right email service provider is not as simple as it may sound. It involves various features and services. There are various organizations that are offering their email services worldwide. Gmail is one of the leading names in the email services sectors. It has billions of users across the globe. Gmail belongs to Google Inc. that is a highly popular name all over the internet world. It is offering various services and products to the users. Search engine, advertisements and Gmail are among the best services being offered by the giant. Gmail was an instant hit and have revolutionized the email industry through offering cutting edge technology and amazing features.

Gmail Features:

Gmail has always been popular mainly for offering impressive and unique features and services. Some of the most popular features being offered by Gmail are as mentioned here.

  • The email services are free but to generate revenues the email services are kept advertisement supported.
  • It is offering an online storage space of 15 GBs to its users so that they won't feel the need to delete any required but high volume consuming emails.
  • It features a simple and easy to use interface so that the users may not have to experience any inconvenience.
  • Rich text formatting to make emails more attractive and powerful.
  • Third party email client support is also available, configurations can be easily found on Gmail customer supportpage.
  • Users can send text messages and SMS through their Gmail account.
  • Mail sorting under separate category tabs primary, social and promotional that allow users to get to the required type of emails directly
  • Social networking through Google Hangout

Technical Problems Experienced by Gmail Users:

Gmail is known as a reliable service provider that tries its best to offer uninterrupted services to its users. But still, there are some technical problems that its users have to face. Some of the Gmail technical problems are as under.

  • Problem with the web, not responding or not loading properly
  • Email sending and receiving problems including slow responses
  • Experiencing problem with third party client
  • POP or IMAP configuration problem
  • Email attachment option not working properly during file uploading or downloading
  • Gmail forgot password
  • Account compromised or hacked

Official Gmail Technical Support:

Gmail has always taken good care of its users. It understands the inconvenience of its users very well which they have to experience because of technical problems. In order to offer its support to its users, Gmail has featured a help center and FAQ page. The users can find solutions to various technical problems without asking anyone for help. It features solutions to most of the common technical problems but not all of the problems. If the solution to your problem is not available here, you can contact Gmail customer care through:

  • Customer carephone number (toll free number for the users from Canada and USA)
  • Live chat
  • Email

Usually, mail takes 24 hours minimum to come up with an initial report of the submitted problem.

Prompt and Comprehensive Solutions:

We are offering our technical services to the users who are unable to get their required solutions from Gmail customer service or cannot wait that long for the solution. You can contact us 24x7 to get tech help from our experienced professionals. We are offering solutions to the entire problem that Gmail users have to face.

Whether you are unable to connect to Gmail server or even if your account is hacked, you can get our techsupport instantly. You can contact us by email, phone or live chat, whichever suits you the most. We value our customer’s privacy and satisfaction so you do not have to worry about a single thing when coming to us.

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