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One of the most convenient and faster means of communication is email. We all have to deal with various emails, AKA electronic emails, in a single day. The emails can be from our friends, family members, business associated or from the companies we are dealing with. Emails have revolutionized the way we used to communicate. Emails are not just being used for personal communication; it also has a huge application in businesses of all sorts. Businesses are using emails to communication various updates and information to their customers. It hasbecome a very convenient way to keep customers posted on the latest products and upcoming events to ensure the maximum outcome.

Nobody knows for certain that when emails made their debut in the industry. Before the introduction of email, fax was also being called as electronic mail as it is also sent electronically. But it is believed that the emails came into existence in the 1960s. Through the time, emails have evolved a lot. The email,as we know it today, was a lot different and less powerful in the beginning. It was used to send and receive simple text messages only and there was no online storage to keep the messages stored. These days,the emails are packed with various features that make it more interesting and useful.

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Features of Emails:

These days there are numerous well-known organizations that are offering email services to the users all over the world. All of the companies are competing to get to the top through gaining most active users. For the purpose, each of the company is offering various impressive features including the followings.

  • Users can keep their emails stored as long as they want to because of the gigantic online storage spaces availability, starting from 1 GB.
  • Rich text formatting is available to make emails look more attractive and powerful.
  • Various files can be sent to the receiver by attaching it to the email. Attachment sizes vary from one company to another but the standard size is 25MB maximum.
  • All of the popular emails service providers are offering an access to the emails through their web versions, POP, POP3 and IMAP
  • Spam filters are also featured by all the popular email service providers. It keeps your inbox clean from all the unwanted and junk emails through sending these to spam folder
  • All attachments are scanned with reliable anti-virus software to keep the users protected
  • The companies have implemented strict security policies and encryptions to ensure user security

Technical Difficulties with Email Services:

All of the companies understand the fact very well that they cannot win most users by just offering attractive and unique features. They also have to make sure that their users are receiving uninterrupted services. Although, they try their best to keep their users satisfied with their services but still there are some technical difficulties faced by their users. These technical problems include:

  • Non-responding webs or mail servers
  • Problems with sending and receiving emails because of different reasons
  • Account suspensions or blocking
  • Password problems
  • Email attachments
  • Third party client problems
  • Hacked accounts
  • Spam problems
  • Missing contacts and emails

Contacting Official Tech Support Services:

All of the email service providers have set different sources for their customer to get all the technical help they need. The providers have featured help center, FAQ, and support pages for users to get the solutions to most common problems. Some of the companies have also provided technical support communities where users can even share their problems if that is not already shared by anyone else.

Other than the help sources mentioned above, the customer care departments of the respective companies can be contacted through:

  • Emails
  • Live chat
  • Toll free numbers
  • Facebook pages
  • Twitter accounts


Permanent and Comprehensive Solutions:

We are offering our technical expertise to the email users who are facing any sorts of problem with their email accounts. We have a staff of well-trained and certified engineers who know their traits very well. We can help you in all email related problems including:

  • Solution to all non-responding errors
  • Fixing problems related to sending and receiving emails
  • Recovery of forgotten passwords
  • Third party client configurations and settings
  • Complete recovery of hacked or compromised accounts
  • Solution to file attachment issues

We can be reached at any hour of the day throughout the week by:

  • Email
  • Live chat
  • Customer care number

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